218WLAD and Siuslaw Valley Fire took advantage of some beautiful coast weather for routine training on the Oregon National Sand Dunes Recreation Area.  Due to the dynamic weather and high volume activity, the dunes are a world of everlasting geographic transformation.  WLAD and SVF must stay familiar with the dunes and its various conditions, terrains, access areas, and mystique.

Training also included medical scenarios created by WLAD paramedics, to test and enhance the medical skills and scene stabilization of the firefighters, who are sometimes first to make patient contact in the event of an emergency on the sand.






We encourage everyone to always be cautious when visiting the dunes.  If you are new to the dunes, try to ride with someone experienced.  The use of proper protective gear, maps, GPS, and communication devices is always praised.  Always remember to eat healthy and stay hydrated when exercising or participating in these types of physical activities.  Gear up, have fun, ride safe!

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