Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How can I sign up for LifeMed?
A. Open enrollment is limited to June and July of each year. Applications are available at Western Lane Ambulance District’s office, Peace Harbor Hospital, Peace Health Siuslaw Region Clinics, or call 541-997-9614 and we will mail an application to you.


Q. If I don’t belong to the Membership Program will the ambulance still come if I call 911?
A. Absolutely, we will still provide you and your household with excellent service. The Membership Program only has to do with the billing portion of our service.

Q. Is Western Lane Ambulance LifeMed Program part of the FireMed program?
A. Yes, we work as an independent agency but participate with 88 reciprocal FireMed Agencies in the State of Oregon. A list of participating agencies has been enclosed in this packet.

Q. Who does the membership cover?
A. Western Lane Ambulance LifeMed Membership covers the member, spouse/significant other, unmarried dependent children under the age of 18, and other persons listed as dependents on your Federal Tax Return that regularly live at your residence. Multiple families living at one address must hold multiple memberships. Coverage is limited to those listed on the membership application.

Q. Is it insurance?
A. No, it is a paid subscription to the ambulance membership program.

Q. When does the Western Lane Ambulance LifeMed Membership expire each year?
A. All Western Lane Ambulance memberships expire July 31st of each year.

Q. What does Western Lane Ambulance LifeMed Membership pay for?
A. It covers the co-pay, deductible or limitations on your policy that your insurance doesn’t always
cover. We accept your insurance, Medicare or third party payer as payment in full, even if your
insurance doesn’t pay the full cost of the transport. In the event you have no insurance, you are
still covered under the LifeMed program.

Q. Does it cover transportation to hospitals in other cities?
A. Federal law requires the patient be taken to the nearest appropriate facility. However, if the Emergency Room or admitting physician deems ambulance transport to a different hospital necessary – yes LifeMed covers this cost.

Q. Does Western Lane Ambulance LifeMed Program coverage include out-of-state ambulance services?
A. No, it only covers the service areas of the 88 FireMed participating agencies located throughout Oregon.

Q. Is the $65 membership fee ever refundable or prorated should I move out of the Florence area?
A. No. Once you have paid the membership fee for the current year, no refund is given.

Q. What does Western Lane Ambulance LifeMed Program not cover?
A. Western Lane Ambulance LifeMed does not cover non-emergency ambulance calls such as trips from a nursing home to routine dialysis treatments or visits to your doctor.

Membership translates into significant savings and is a very smart investment in peace of mind for you and your family.

Your privacy is important to us. Please be assured that the Western Lane Ambulance District does not sell, rent, or trade your personal information to others.

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