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Ambulance and TruckSince 1976, Western Lane Ambulance District has provided Emergency Medical Services to the citizens and visitors of Western Lane County – an area encompassing approximately 1000 square miles of cities, towns, forests, beaches, sand dunes and other interesting and sometimes challenging terrain. Our highly trained Paramedics and Emergency Medical Technicians are educated and trained according to all the highest national levels of current advanced life support standards and practices, and are continually upgrading their education and training through various forms of educational seminars, classes, and online programs. The men and women responding to medical emergencies in Western Lane County are also provided with state of the art ambulances, medical equipment, devices and medications – which are constantly being upgraded in order to provide the highest level of patient care possible.

Western Lane Ambulance provides a Critical Care Advanced Life Support Unit with specially trained Critical Care Paramedics to transfer patients from Peace Harbor Hospital to larger Regional Medical Centers such as Sacred Heart Riverbend, Oregon Health Sciences University Hospital and other such medical Centers, when the patient’s condition requires they be transported to a facility that can provide specialty care and treatments. Western Lane County is host of the Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area, a large area of sand dunes and beaches mainly used by off road vehicles which sometimes result in vehicle crashes with resulting personal injuries to the riders and occupants.

Western Lane Ambulance District has a special off road Ambulance – a newer model Chevrolet Tahoe with specialty equipment such as wide tires, winch, safety designs, specialty medical gear and kits. Drivers are specially trained to guide the vehicle both night and day, under difficult conditions.

Additionally, we provide a number of educational programs for the local community such as community CPR and first aid programs, available to all individuals and groups of Western Lane County Residents, for a nominal fee. In addition to CPR and first aid classes, Western Lane Ambulance District offers a community SAFEKIDS program which entails car seat clinics, water safety, bike helmet programs, etc. We also provide outreach to our senior citizen groups and present courses such as Heart Attack React, Stroke Prevention and Intervention, Diabetes Awareness, High Blood Pressure Clinics, etc.

We strive to provide the highest level of patient care possible, and have been recognized by the State of Oregon for outstanding service to the community with over a half dozen awards for excellence. We are proud to be able to be of service to such a fine community of citizens, and look forward to continue to provide this level of service in the future.

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